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DJ KNO born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, and where he learned and thrived the Salsa Music, and has been able to attain different styles and blends of music to create unique mixes for which he has developed a reputation for one the most successful DJ’s in the province. 


With the support of family and friends, DJ KNO started his career in Bogota, Colombia where he played and established a music recipe performing in night clubs where he achieved experience and professionalism before heading and residing in Canada. 


In 2004, DJ KNO was bringing Latino vibes to the nightlife to the City of Toronto, where he learned to create different combinations of music, accompanied by an electric and Anglo rhythm, while generating, producing, editing and remixing music which has led him to attain a successful career as a DJ. 


In 2008, DJ KNO became the resident DJ for one of the top nightclubs in North America, El Convento Rico, which has led him to excel and become recognized to the Latino community; a nightclub that has more than 20 years running. 


In 2015, DJ KNO had an opportunity be the DJ for Maluma during a “sold out” concert in Cuenca, Ecuador, for over five thousand fans.



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